Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon ( Cinnamomum Zeylanicum).

Sri Lanka is the country for the pure Cinnamon in the world. Sri Lanka provides about 90% of the world supply.

Cinnamon tree is an indigenous tree in Sri Lanka.

Cinnamon is used as a food ingredient in preparation of bakery products, chocolates, desserts, candies, hot cocoa liqueurs, pharmaceuticald, cosmetics, .Asian food and tea with its own distinctive flavours & aroma.
Anti-oxidants in Cinnamon help your body handle free radicals and lowers your risk of health conditions like cancer, health disease and diabetes.

Ceylon Cinnamon is also rich in the mineral manganese. Manganese in Cinnamon helps your body manage the enzymes that produces hormones and helps repair your bones.And also helps to maintain immune health,healthy skin and healthy hair.
The Cinnamon has an essential oil with Cinnamaldehyde content too.

We supply the grades like Alba, C5, C4 and bark oil from Outhern Province of Sri Lanka.